The new studio brings forth the will to place creativity and imagination at the core of the production process. To do so, we unite the best talented artists with original techniques to telling amazing stories adapted from books.

By managing all the steps of the production ourselves, we’re assured to meet our own high-standards to produce exceptional animated and live contents.


In order to achieve the most convincing results, a few steps require special attention to bring out the best in the studio's productions.
These steps are perfectly mastered by our teams.


Key step in the production process is to transpose a story to a new medium, taking into account the constraints and new opportunities that come with it.


At the leading edge of feature film technology, we have chosen to integrate this sophisticated technique into our TV productions for an ever more fluid animation quality.


To support the quality objectives of our productions, a team specialised in the design and implementation of new tools is committed to developing our graphic and technical design processes.


For a "cinema-like" rendering, the focus lies on the technicians' skills and on the equipment made available to them, in order to let their talents express themselves as freely as possible and in the most accomplished way.

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